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December Print Rates for Single (one of a kind) T shirt - Full Color

  • 100% Cotton - Dark color - Single Print T shirt (14wx17h) $29.00
  • Second side same dark shirt $10.00
  • White shirt - one side $21.00
  • Second side - same white shirt $9.00
Single (one of a kind) T shirt - One Color ink
  • 100% Cotton - Dark color - Single Print T shirt (14wx17h) $23.00
  • Second side same dark shirt $9.00
  • White shirt - one side $19.00
  • Second side - same white shirt $7.00
Price for single printing includes Large High quality Cotton T-shirt
Single print Discount applies after first Printing
Special Event and volume discounts apply first printing
Shipping and Handling may apply
Credit Cards accepted
Same Day Service is possible
Discount available when art work is furnished to specifications
call for details and print settings
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    Welcome to ScareCrow Apparel & Design. We are Utah’s Best New Digital Print and Design Group. Well, Actually, we are not new to Designing Art and Graphics On Demand, because we also operate one of Utah’s Finest Custom Tattoo Studios. Our Artist are now available to help you develop and print your T Shirt Designs, or convert your Business Logo to a design suitable for Apparel and other Advertising Fabrics and merchandise.

    We can create the entire project from your description, or use your reference and design input and compliment your ideas, with our own, and help you create a printable design unique to your project or special event. Same day service and results are possible.

    ScareCrow Design is equipped to print Full Color Designs on most any material, including;

  • Cotton
  • Denim
  • Canvas
  • Leather
  • Fine Silk

and other Apparel materials and fabrics in many shapes and sizes and thickness. We are also able to print full color designs on many types of Clothing, including T-shirts, Shorts, hats, Shoes, Belts and other material and fabrics.

    ScareCrow Design can also print on, or personalize any hard surface up to, 17W x 36L x 3 inch thick. This includes many different shapes of:

  • Stretched or un-stretched Art Canvas
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Lap Top computer
  • Tin
  • Card board
  • Plastic
  • etc...
We can also Monogram Handkerchiefs to Golf balls, and other memorabilia.

    Do you have a product that requires special packaging? We can design the art work or business Logo for your special and unusual art printing needs.

    ScareCrow Design is open every day for free consultations. We Print Tuesday thru Sunday and sometimes Monday. For a prompt response. E-mail your Questions and Art work to Generaldelivery@smarttattoo.com Or submit a Price Quote.